A costume that can hold its ground in a stage room, a costume which can be huge, but also very small in the next moment. Not only a simple garment, but also a costume which is surprisingly flexible and seems to be alive.

For the dance/costume-performance “me plus X” I designed a costume which is pure and simple in its color and shape but phenomenal in its changeability. In co-operation with the dancer Julia Leidhold I developed the choreography for this performance.

For this project I was awarded with a scholarship by “REWAG Kunst- und Kulturstiftung Regensburg”.

I presented this project as a guest lecture for an advanced learning course at the “Bayerische Architektenkammer” in the context of “Costume and stage room”.


I am very pleased that this performance was invited to the “Nacht in Blau” in Regensburg in July 2014 and has also been engaged for the event of “Luftnacht” in Amberg the 12th of September 2014.





In April this year I entered the World of Wearable Art Award New Zealand (WOW) for the section "Airborne" and was invited to show my design at the phenomenal stage show with dance acts and aerialist artists on September 26th 2014. Altogether there will be 15 shows and 50 000 visitors are expected.



Part of the top-class jury is Sir Richard Taylor, creative head and founder of the WETA-Workshops. Taylors special effect designs, for example for the "Lord of the Rings"-Trilogy, already won five Oscars. Furthermore Beverley Dunn judges for WOW. She was priced with an Oscar for her costume design for "The Great Gatsby" (2013).



Finally, and I am still flashed (!), my design is the award winner of the "Creative Excellence Section Airborne".



I am very open-minded towards all inquiries for photo shootings, dance productions, show events, etc. This costume is such an unbelievable all-rounder… everything is possible!

In Autum 2016 the performance "me plus X" (danced by Julia Leidhold), in which this costume takes a special role, was invited to the "Internationale Aidstanzgala Regensburg"