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Master costume submissions rhetorically convincingly

Costume deliveries are simply part of the job for costume designers! Nevertheless, it is often difficult to talk about your own designs.
What information is actually important for the audience? How important is technical language? And how do you deal with it when the specialist audience asks critical questions?
Stage fright and limited speaking time make it even more difficult.
In this workshop, costume designers work together with the lecturer to develop strategies to present costume concepts in a logical, authoritative and enthusiastic manner and to motivate the audience to participate. Theoretical content from rhetoric is combined with practical exercises.
It's not about squeezing the individuality of the speaker into a norm, but rather emphasizing strengths in order to present content convincingly with enthusiasm.
The course is aimed at career starters as well as costume designers with many years of professional experience who want to improve their own appearance in costume submissions and gain confidence.

Lecturer: Annkathrin Selthofer is a wardrobe master, costume designer and was employed as costume director for several years. In addition to her active work as a costume designer, she has completed a master's degree in "Rhetoric Speech Communication" at the University of Regensburg, is a member of the DGSS (German Society for Speech Science and Speech Training) and teaches at the Academy for Performing Arts Regensburg in the subject "Presentation Techniques for artistic concepts”. Already in her master's thesis she dealt with rhetorical criteria for convincing costume submissions.

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2023; Time: 10am-1pm + 2pm-5.30pm
Costs: The course is supported by the Scenography Association and therefore only costs 80 euros for members and 120 euros for non-members.

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