History will be more enjoyable if it is animated! Therefore it is necessary to have a captivating lecture, images to look at, to have contact with the material, to visit exhibitions and to try on costumes. Who will be able to guess otherwise how difficult it is to pass through a door with a big crinoline or how cramped one feels while wearing a corset?


In my courses the audience will become acquainted with all the curios the costume history offers. By explaining the typical garments of each era I always refer to the contemporary fashion and withal the audience gets an objective view on contemporary fashion life.


I teach fashion and costume history from the ancient Greek to the fashion of the 1920s. Furthermore I inform about any special subject if requested. For actors and dancers I offer an introduction in working with theatres with special attention on theatre costumes.

Since 2012 I teach European Costume History at the Academy of Performing Art Regensburg (ADK) and am experienced in administering tests with the Ministry of Culture and Education.


Additionally I teach any experimental handicraft textile technique like handprinting, dying and appliqué/incrustation surface design. Clients mostly from Design Schools are interested in this workshop.